About Us – Comprehensive Pain Services

Dr. Irons believes in utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to promote wellness and treat chronic pain at Comprehensive Pain Services.  Chronic pain is a condition with a significant physical, emotional, and social impact.  We understand that chronic pain is best managed through medications, interventions, and goal directed therapy.

Being a part of the Brookwood Baptist network, Dr. Irons is able to utilize all of the resources available within the hospital system.

We have a strong professional relationship with mental health providers, physical therapists, primary care physicians, neurosurgical and orthopedic spine surgeons, and other medical specialists to coordinate and provide the best care possible for the patients in the Brookwood Baptist healthcare system. By nature, chronic pain is associated with varying degrees of suffering. Here at Comprehensive Pain Services we have access to mental health providers to assist us with treating the emotional side of chronic pain with cognitive behavioral therapy. We understand that even with the best interventions that real progress does not happen without proper rehabilitation, for which we make referrals to our specially trained physical therapists. We work closely with primary care physicians in providing consultation on medication management and appropriateness for interventions for the chronic pain patient population.

Pain is not limited to the outpatient setting, and we provide inpatient consultation for patients with particularly challenging pain syndromes. We are available to provide and maximize conservative care for our patients, yet we know we have limitations and will refer patients for surgical consultations when appropriate. We strive to be an integral part of the Brookwood Baptist Hospital system and love helping to provide patients with the best care available utilizing the latest therapies and technology in pain management.